What Is AC Boot?

The Official AC Boot by Outdoor Advantage Connection is a convenient, patented HVAC system for outdoor tent users. If you spend any amount of time outdoors in the sweltering summer months, an AC port is an essential upgrade to your outdoor tent setup. Learn more about how our easy-to-use system can benefit you.

Comfortable Camping Like Never Before

You open up the tent door to let in a little air, and along with it comes bugs, dirt, and maybe even more hot air. That’s no way to camp or entertain in an outdoor tent. “Roughing it” doesn’t have to be so rough. With the Official AC Boot, you now have options. Whether you’re spending a few hours or a few nights in a tent, we can help make things much cooler for you.

Enhance Your Tent In No Time

Sure, you could invest in a new tent and then try to match it up with just the right AC unit. Or, you could try to rig up a temporary solution on your own. But why waste the extra money and troubleshooting time on subpar solutions?

We have everything you need to make the tent you already have (and probably love) and a simple, standard 5000 to 8000 BTU portable air conditioner into a luxurious outdoor event combination.

Created By An Experienced HVAC Professional & Outdoors Enthusiast
Long-Lasting, Durable, Weatherproof 400 Denier material Pack Cloth Construction
Both AC Boot & Flange Included
Simple, Illustrated Set-Up Manual
Easy, One-Time Set-Up

Helping You Make Better Outdoor Memories

Tents are for so much more than camping these days. With our built-in tent AC system, you create an environment where guests remember your event, not the sticky, sweaty discomfort of a hot day.

Music Festivals
Weddings & Receptions
Cook-offs, Catering & Concessions
Summer Birthday Parties
Family Reunions

Order The Official AC Boot Today

You’ve got the tent and air conditioning unit, we have the outdoor tent customization kit to make them work together in a new, convenient revolutionary way. Don’t wait until camping season is over, order your Official AC Boot from Outdoor Advantage Connection today.

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