The Official AC Boot

Cool, Comfortable Climate Now For Your Tent!

The Official AC Boot is a complete HVAC system for outdoor tent users, providing comfort that outdoor tents did not have before. With our patented (US 9,410,342 B2) system, all you need is a standard 5000 to 8000 BTU air conditioner and you will be enjoying the luxury of camper air conditioning, converting an air conditioning unit into a camping tool. Also a great accessory for party and concession tents.

The AC Boot allows for comfortable tent camping while providing weatherproof access to the air conditioning unit, located outside the tent. The double flange of the boot maximizes the durability of the product while providing a neat, clean appearance. The AC Boot attaches to the air conditioning unit with an elastic drawstring, securing the AC Boot to the unit.

The Official AC Boot is easy to install using our provided install manual:

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– Official AC Boot and Flange
Made of 400 Denier Nylon pack cloth for long-lasting durability. Security enclosure accessable from inside tent when AC unit is not in use.**AC Not Included**

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I’m excited about getting my ac boot in and installing on my new tent.  I’m looking forward to next year’s adventures IN COMFORT!


Good morning, I just found out about your product while trying to find a way to stay cool while camping in the middle of summer. I think it’s an awesome idea. Thank you for your time.


I tested it yesterday in upstate SC and it was near 100 degrees outside with the heat index. After about 3 hours, I had my 4 person tent at a comfortable 76 degrees with a 5,000 BTU A/C 🙂 Thanks for a great product!


You have been fantastic. If this boot works as smoothly as your customer service is- I am sure I will be sending others your way. Thank you again.

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