The manual you receive with your kit comes with picture illustrations.

Installation of the Official AC Boot by Outdoor Advantage Connection is a quick and simple process. Follow our step-by-step guide, and you’ll be camping in comfort in no time with your new outdoor tent air conditioning set-up.

Get Your Materials Together

What’s Included

Official AC Boot & Flange

The Official AC Boot and flange are made of 400 denier material pack cloth for long-lasting durability. The security enclosure is accessible from inside the tent when your AC unit is not in use. The Official AC Boot is 24″ x 30″.

Spray Adhesive
Chalk Marker
Overspray Protector
A 6″/8″ Rule Card
Instructional Manual

Not Included

A Tent
Portable 5000 – 8000 BTU AC Unit – With the upper guide/drip guard installed.
Support Stand: Recommended Support stand elevations for the AC unit is between 13 and 15 inches from the bottom of the AC unit to the ground. Ratios: 6 inches (lowest install) is 13 inches height, and 8 inches install is 15 inches height.

AC units and tents come in various sizes and ventilation, which will give different results. Standard 5000 BTU A/C units will cool 150 to 200 square feet.

Other Recommended Materials

A Pair Of Scissors – No Knives, Please
Mineral Spirits Or Charcoal Lighter Fluid For Adhesive Cleanup

Before You Begin

Be sure to read through these instructions completely. Because we believe in the quality of our product, you have 30 days after your purchase to examine all included materials and instructions. Please read through your instructions, our return policy, examination period, and all warning labels before proceeding.

If you have questions, please contact us before making any cuts or applying adhesive. We also recommend having two people on hand to complete your Official AC Boot set-up.

If your tent is brand new, we recommend setting it up to orient yourself with its layout and construction before beginning your installation. You can then break it down again and begin.

STEP #1: Deciding Where To Install

Stake out the bottom of your outdoor tent, ensuring the material is taut. Do not completely erect the tent. Select a location on the tent wall for the Official AC Boot to be installed. A center wall that has no windows or poles is ideal but not necessary. The flange can be adhered over seams.

The dimensions of the Official AC Boot are 24 inches in height and 30 inches in width. Standard installation is 6 or 8 inches from the bottom of your tent.

If You Have A Moisture Barrier

A moisture barrier is a plastic bottom reinforced with fiberglass that aligns the bottom walls of the tent 6 or 8 inches. If your tent has a moisture barrier, the Official AC Boot should be installed at its maximum height of 8 inches.

STEP #2: Measure & Mark

Now that you’ve decided where to install your Official AC Boot, it’s time to grab your partner. It’s critically important to keep your tent’s material pulled taut at all times during this step. Lay the AC Boot onto the location you’ve selected.

Use a 6″/8″ ruler to measure from the bottom of the tent 6 or 8 inches, again depending on the style of your tent. Mark the tent at both sides of the ruler using a chalk marker. Then align the bottom edge of the Official AC Boot flange with these corresponding marks.

Using the bottom edge of the flange as a guide, draw a line to connect the two corresponding marks. Then, continue tracing around the outside of the flange. Be sure to trace completely around the flange. If you make a mistake and need to start over, the chalk marker can be erased with a damp cloth.

Now, fold the flange back, and trace completely around the inside flange where it connects. This will give you a four-inch area for the adhesive to be sprayed.

Set the Official AC Boot aside on flat surface with the pinned-back flange and the cardboard insert facing upward. You should now have a flange box drawn on the outside of the tent.

Grasp the tent in the center of the drawn box, pinch, and pull upwards. Being very careful not to cut your tent floor, use your scissors to cut a one-inch hole in the tent material.

STEP #3: It’s Adhesive Time

You’re now ready to apply the adhesive. Hold the adhesive approximately 4-5 inches from the surface of the tent material and spray using a steady motion. Start at the top, and work around to the bottom until you have sprayed the entire 4-inch area with adhesive.

Try to keep the adhesive inside the lines you marked on your tent. Using the same procedures as above, spray the adhesive on the inside of the Official AC Boot flange, which should be facing upward.

This is the first application of adhesive. Wait approximately 30 minutes before applying the second application of adhesive. Then, wait an additional one minute after the final application.

Now, grab your partner again. The boot will not move much once it is placed, so make sure you place it carefully and correctly the first time. Grasp the boot by the right and left outside corner edges. Invert the Official AC Boot, making sure the boot is right-side up, with the logo at the bottom center.

Press the Official AC Boot into place, pushing out any wrinkles or air bubbles using an outward motion. Let the adhesive cure for 5 hours.

STEP #4: Erect Your Tent & Carefully Trim

After the 5-hour cure period, it’s time to erect your tent fully. Locate the small 1-inch cut that you made in the tent interior. Now, taking special care not to cut the boot or the flange, use your scissors to start cutting back to where the adhesive starts next to the pinned back flange — cut away any excess material.

STEP #5: Flange Installation

After you have cut away the excess material, you are ready to install the inside flange. Begin by opening all windows and flaps on your tent to ensure proper ventilation.

The inside flange is pinned back so that it will not interfere with the outside installation. Without removing the cardboard insert, remove the plastic pins from the inside flange and unfold it onto the inside tent wall. The cardboard inserts prevent adhesive overspray.

Now take your chalk marker and trace the outside of the flange while holding it up next to the tent wall. This will be your adhesive line. The adhesive installation of the inside flange is the same as in Step #3. The over-spray protector can also be used in this step.

The flange must be pinned together again using the same existing pins. From each corner, measure approximately 5 inches on each side, pull together until the fabric is tight, and pin. This prevents the flange and tent wall adhesive from inadvertently sticking together.

Apply the adhesive to the tent wall and onto the inside flange. Wait 30 minutes for the first application to cure before applying the second application of adhesive.

After a one minute cure time, remove the four plastic pins. Start at the top, and connect the flange to the wall of the tent. Remove the paper insert at this time.

Unzip the security flap, and putting your arm through the AC Boot opening, apply pressure to each side, pressing the adhesive in place. This process will act as a moisture barrier and hide any imperfections that may have been caused when the tent material was cut away.

STEP #6: 24-Hour Adhesive Cure

Although your Official AC Boot is installed, it has not been through the final curing process. It is recommended to leave your tent erect for a minimum of 24 hours to cure properly before installing your AC unit onto your AC Boot.

If you have adhesive to clean up, we recommend mineral spirits or a light solvent such as charcoal lighter fluid.

STEP #7: AC Unit Installation

After the 24-hour cure, place your AC unit onto your support stand and attach your AC unit to the AC Boot with the elastic drawstring.

Position your stand and AC unit slightly away from the boot, then pull the boot with the drawstring end over the top of the AC guide and at the bottom. The elastic drawstring comes with a drawstring lock located at the top of the AC Boot.

Some AC units may have to be secured at the bottom by pulling the drawstring under the bottom of the unit. This prevents the boot from becoming loose at the bottom of your unit.

Make sure the upper guide/drip unit is installed on your AC unit. This allows the AC Boot to have a secure guide and prevents water from entering the tent.

Now that the drawstring is secured around your unit pull the AC unit with the stand away from the tent. This pulls out any wrinkles on the Official AC Boot, which may possibly restrict the airflow.

Secure the weather flap to the Velcro tabs located at the elastic drawstring and lock. This will act as a rain fly for your ventilation boot.

STEP #8: Finishing Up

Go to the interior of your tent. Zip the security flap down, roll it up, and tuck it inside of the AC Boot, out of the way. Now you can turn your AC unit on.

The Official AC Boot is a permanent fixture, and will not hinder in repacking your tent.

Questions? Contact Us.

If you have any questions about installing your Official AC Boot by Outdoor Advantage Connection, or would like to place an order, please contact us today. We look forward to helping you make camping more comfortable and your set-up a breeze.

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